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Approved Training

Approved Training

Approved Training Providers

The following providers are just a few that have been approved by the TCB. If you have questions about a specific provider or training not listed below, please contact the TCB.

Training Approval Process

If you would like to have training approved for CPS certification hours, please contact the TCB. For consideration, we generally request an agenda and/or course syllabus outlining specific learning objectives pertaining to the prevention field, and a short summary of the presenter(s) facilitating the training.

If you are completing your certification or renewal and would like to know about a particular training, please contact our office and we will help you determine if it can be accepted for CPS credit.

Acceptable Training and Documentation

Training must be related to the IC&RC performance domains and approved by the TCB. Acceptable training can be defined as formal classroom style education (workshops, seminars, online courses, institutes, in-services, and relevant college/university work). If you provide this type of education to other professionals, you may use it towards the education requirement with documentation from the organization or college/university. There is no time limit on the use of education for initial certification. Applicants should contact the TCB if they are unsure about the approval of a training course.

Applicants are responsible for submitting timely and appropriate documentation of training and other required information for verification and approval. For training, proof of completion is required (e.g. certificate of completion or letter from the training entity). Documentation should include the applicant’s name, training source, contact hours completed, subject matter and date(s) of attendance. Applicants should allow enough time for their application submission documents to be reviewed and processed. Note: meeting agendas, programs, and Power Point slides cannot be considered approved documentation without verifiable proof of a candidate’s attendance and completion.

Relevant College Coursework

TCB will accept relevant college coursework in lieu of training (please consult the credential handbook to determine how many hours will be accepted). College/University Courses must be in subjects that have specific relevance to the field in which you are applying and in alignment with the IC&RC performance domains. Core courses such as English, Science and Math cannot be counted for certification.

  1. One (1) semester hour equals fifteen (15) clock hours.
  2. One (1) quarter hour equals ten (10) clock hours.
  3. One (1) trimester hour equals five (5) clock hours.

Most three-credit college/university courses are 45 hours. College/University course credits must be from a regionally accredited college or university to be eligible. To use college credit for training hours, documentation (e.g. a transcript) must be attached.