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About Certification

The Tennessee Certification Board offers the following certifications. Please click on a link below for more information.



All certifications offered by TCB are completed through an online application system. During the application process, applicants gather verifiable documentation to prove they have met the formal education, training, on-the-job experience, direct supervision, and other standards established for the credential.  Some steps require applicants to enter information into the online application, and other steps require selected supervisor(s) to submit verifiable information about the applicant. Application fees are also collected through the online application system. TCB will review and approve all steps during the application process.


Some certifications require a mandatory test and passing score to be certified. If your certification requires examination, you will be notified with appropriate steps during the online application process. Examination will be delivered through a Computer Based Testing (CBT) process. Complete instructions will be provided to applicants at the time of testing.


Once certified, a credential is valid for a period of time—typically two years. At that point, certified individuals must re-certify, or renew, their credential. This includes the payment of a re-certification fee and submission of required, verifiable continuing education, which must be approved by TCB.


This is a quick overview of the certification process. Before applying for any certification, it is very important to carefully review the appropriate Certification Guides for complete credential requirements and expectations.