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Certemy Online Application

Certemy Online Candidate Application Portal

TCB has changed the way we do our online applications. For the past few months, we have been working with Certemy, to migrate to their online certification platform. That work is complete, and we have now gone live with the new Certemy portal. You will no longer login through the old system.

How Will This Change Benefit You?
We have evaluated our application process and have streamlined many aspects, including reduced steps and redundancies, to make the online application easier to navigate and understand, while making the overall process quicker to complete.

By far the biggest benefit is that YOU (the user) will not experience many of the issues found in our old system. What's more, Certemy is constantly updating their product and adding new features, which will automatically be rolled into TCB's application system.

How Will This Change Impact You?
While we'd love a seamless transition, we fully anticipate some issues may arise, as we migrate data from one system to another. For those of you already certified, you will use the new Certemy system when you go to re-certify. The renewal process will be easier, quicker and more intuitive to understand.

Given the constraints of migration, we were unable to adequately migrate all existing data into the new system. That was largely contingent on applicant type, and individual application status. For applicants in the middle of their application, this may very well mean re-submitting your data into the new system—but again, the new process will be simpler for you. You will not have to repay fees already paid, and TCB will work with you to make the process as pain-free as possible.

Other Changes:

Fees: With Certemy we'll begin using Stripe to process online payments, which will be more integrated into the application system and more secure. Again, this will be easier on you as the user.

Certificates: With Certemy, TCB will transition to issuing only digital certificates. The minute you certify, or re-certify, the application system will automatically generate a certificate that you can download directly from the application portal.

Certemy Online Application Instructions

If you already have an account in Certemy, you may login at the following link with your username and password:


If you currently hold an active, non-expired certification through TCB, you have been auto-assigned into the Certemy system to maintain your credential through renewal/re-certification. To continue please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Your email will be the email you used in the old system
  3. Your temporary password will be Certemy2018!
  4. Once logged in, you can click ACCEPT to accept your certification​
  5. A pop up screen will show and ask "Do you currently hold this certification?" You need to click the button CERTEMY to start the renewal phase. Do NOT click "Upload" and upload prior documentation of certification at this point. This will freeze your account.
  6. Now you are set to begin maintaining your credential. Complete the steps before your next expiration date. To check your status, you may view an up-to-date registry from our website. Click REGISTRY at the top of the page.

If you are currently certified with an active credential, you should already be auto-enrolled (see the above steps to continue). If for some reason this does not work and you are wishing to renew, you may contact the TCB office. (Note: You must hold an active, non-expired CPS credential).




If you wish to begin a new application for the Certified Prevention Specialist, click a link below to self-enroll into the certification of your choice. This will create your account so you can get started: (Note: for those who had begun a new application in our former application system, but were NOT certified, you will need to select a link below to begin your application in Certemy).

Certified Prevention Specialist Level 1 (CPS I) Self-Enrollment
Certified Prevention Specialist Level 2 (CPS II) Self-Enrollment