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When it comes to professional credentialing, our mission is to advance a competent and skilled workforce across Tennessee—and quality education is the foundation.

Whether you’re just beginning the application process or seeking to renew your credential, there are some important things to know about the types of training and continuing education TCB will accept for your certification.

Required Training

Specific training requirements vary depending on your certification level and whether you are applying for initial certification or renewal. For detailed requirements, please read the Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) manual.

Approved Training

The TCB can accept a number of different training sources—including workshops, conferences or other professional development opportunities—for both initial certification and continuing education for re-certification, so long as the training meets TCB approved guidelines. Training must be prevention-related and fit within the six prevention performance domains and core prevention components.

To be considered for approval, training submitted for certification or renewal must be accompanied by official documentation of attendance. This could include a certificate of completion or other documentation (sign in sheet, agenda, etc.) signed by the facilitator, if a certificate is not available. Documentation should clearly show your name, course title, date completed and total number of contact hours received.

If you are thinking of registering for a particular training and not sure if it will be approved for CPS credit, you should contact the TCB first.

College Coursework

The TCB will consider relevant college coursework for CPS credit in exchange for some training hours. To be considered, the college course must be obtained from an accredited institution and must relate to the field and practice of prevention—specifically, one or more of the six prevention performance domains and core prevention components. College coursework can be counted as follows:

  • One quarter hour of a relevant college course = 10 contact hours
  • One semester hour of relevant college course = 15 contact hours

For approval, the applicant must upload documentation of completion (e.g. transcript) and should provide either a course syllabus and/or a brief statement including topics covered and how the course specifically related to the field of prevention and associated performance domains.

TCB Approved Training Providers

The following providers are just a few that have been pre-approved by the TCB. If you have questions about a specific provider or training not listed below, please contact the TCB.

Training Approval Process

If you would like to have training approved for CPS certification hours, please contact the TCB. For consideration, we generally request an agenda and/or course syllabus outlining specific learning objectives pertaining to the prevention field, and a short summary of the presenter(s) facilitating the training.

If you are completing your certification or renewal and would like to know about a particular training, please contact our office and we will help you determine if it can be accepted for CPS credit.

For all other questions regarding training, please contact us.