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Certification Renewal

Certification Renewal

Certified Prevention Specialists must seek re-certification every (2) years in order to maintain an active credential. Steps to complete renewal include:

  • 40 hours of continuing education/training in prevention (can be in any domain)
  • Training/continuing ed must be completed during the 2-year window between initial certification or most recent renewal and the next expiration
  • Training can only be used once for CPS hours (we cannot accept training used for previous renewals)
  • Those 40 hours must include a TCB-approved for CPS, 6-hour prevention ethics course refresher (it must be the approved, 6-hour curriculum).
  • Training must include documentation of your attendance and completion. If you attend a conference, please obtain a record of your completion.
  • Pay the required renewal fee of $150
  • Complete the online re-certification application, including submission of training and TCB approval, before the expiration date. To allow TCB sufficient time for review and approval, it is encouraged you complete renewal at least 30 days before expiration, to avoid lapsed certification and associated late fees.
  • While a new background check is not required for re-certification, any occurrence which may affect your record must be reported to the TCB, or you will be subject to forfeiting your credential.

Lapsed Certification/Expiration Policy:
Certified Prevention Specialists who fail to re-certify before their credential expires will be subject to the following policy:

  • 90-day grace period*: Lapsed credentials will have a 3 month (90 day) grace period to complete renewal.
  • 90 days – 2 years: After 3 months, lapsed credentials are considered expired and are subject to a reinstatement fee of $150. Regular renewal fees will still apply.
  • After 2 years: Lapsed credentials after 2 years will be considered permanently expired and the applicant will have to re-apply as a new candidate.

*It should be noted that the 90-day grace period cannot be used to complete required training. Training must be completed during the 2-year period of active certification before the credential expires, while the grace period is only allowed for submission and review of re-certification requirements.

Extensions of the Re-certification Period:
Extensions beyond the 90-day grace period must be requested formally in writing to the TCB. The Board will consider extensions under two circumstances:

  • Incapacitation Status: A certified individual is physically unable to complete re-certification requirements.
  • Inactive Status: Other instances where a certified individual has stopped actively working in a prevention-related field and pursuing re-certification.
    • To maintain a credential in inactive status, applicants will be required to complete an inactive status application and be subject to a $25/year inactive fee. To re-activate, applicants will have to pay the standard renewal fee, associated inactive fees and provide renewal requirements outlined in this manual. Inactive requests after the 90-day grace period are subject to the same policies outlined under lapsed certification.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the individual requesting the extension to provide support for and documentation of their incapacitation or inactive circumstance. It also is the prerogative of TCB to request additional documentation as deemed necessary to establish the validity of the request.